We are pleased to be able to offer our workshop for open access working. 

You will need to complete a workshop induction before you can use the workshop and equipment.  We will get you acquainted with our equipment and cover all Health and Safety aspects involved within the workshop so you are able to work confidently and efficiently within the space. You will also be required to sign a workshop agreement.  This will be a one off fee of £10.

Print [works] Weston welcome artists with some printmaking experience who would like to use the workshop.  If you have no printmaking experience we recommend attending one of our courses or booking a 1-2-1 with Claire or Tracey to become familiar with the process you are interested in.  This will enable you to use the facilities with confidence.

Currently, we are offering open access on Fridays only.   To allow for this we are facilitating all of our taught workshops and courses on other days so that Fridays are always available.  Depending on demand, we may offer other days for open access working in the future.

We have equipment for Screen printing, Relief printing and Intaglio printing processes.

Open Access Prices

Half day (3 hours) 10 - 1pm & 1.30 - 4.30pm   £15 per half day

Full day (6 hours)  10 - 4.30pm                           £25 per full day

Claire and/or Tracey will be around in the workshop to assist.


Some consumables are included in the price of the workshop usage.  These include;

  • Newsprint
  • Black intaglio and relief oil based ink
  • Blotting Paper (for blotting printing paper after soaking)
  • Tissue paper pieces (for polishing plates)
  • Etching Mordants

You are welcome to bring in your own consumables to use in our workshop that adhere to our health and safety standards but not to leave on the premises. 


An induction is a requirement for first time users of our workshop.  We will spend some time to get you acquainted with our equipment and cover all the Health and Safety aspects so that you can work confidently and independently.  You will be required to sign a workshop agreement to indicate you agree to our terms.

This is charged at £10.

Screen processing prices

SCREEN SIZE                                  A4              A3               A2

Printing of acetate film                £4               £7                - 

Screen exposure                            £10             £15            £20

Screen cleaning                             £2               £3               £5

Screen storage per wk                 £2.50          £5              £7.50

We have various screens of different sizes and mesh counts that you can use, as well as various sizes of squeegees. Above is the list of prices for films, screen exposure and screen cleaning. Please use only our emulsion on our screens. When you are finished with your screen, please clean and remove all emulsion for it to be used again.

We are also happy to remove emulsion and expose your own screens which you can drop off to us. There will be an additional cost of £5 per screen and reserve the right to charge extra for particularly dirty, stubborn screens.

Equipment list:

Screen Printing (Paper)

'Big Bertha' vacuum screen printing bed.

'Little Bob' vacuum screen printing bed.

Several hinge clamp beds A3 and A4 for screen printing

Exposure table and light

Screen Drying Rack

Screen drying cupboard

Wash out booth and pressure washer

A selection of screens and squeegees

Drying rack

Relief and intaglio Printing:

Rollaco etching press

Large polymetaal press

Small nipping press

Small portable etching press x 2

Etching area

Soaking area 

Blotting area

Contact us at info@printworksweston.co.uk to book an induction, or for more information.


We also have toilet facilities and a small kitchen area with hot drinks available, a microwave, toaster and a fridge. Free parking is also available directly outside our unit.